Profesional translations

Profesional translationsWe carry out translations of professional texts, e.g. user manuals, technical documentation, catalogues, leaflets, presentations and other marketing materials in many technical fields. We also offer translations of web pages and localization of software.

Our approach with each of our customers is individual and we go to great legnths to meet their needs. The main goal of our company is to establish lasting relations with our clients, by providing them with numerous advantages, such as favourable price treatment and bulk discounts, or priority order execution. Security of information is a given.


  • We specialize in translations from and to the following languages: English, German, French, Hungarian, Polish, and Slovak.
  • Our translators are verified experts, with long-term experience.
  • When translating into foreign languages, we give preference to native speakers living, by large, in their country of origin.
  • We charge no premium for expertise.
  • No additional charge for grammatical and technical revisions, it is an included part of the translation.
  • Delivery deadlines met according to customer needs.
  • The basic unit is one standard page, objective text; i.e. 1 800 keystrokes, spacing inclusive. The minimal charge is one standard page.
  • We can provide translations in any requisite format (MS Word, MS excel, PowerPoint, Adobe FrameMaker, Adobe PageMaker, PDF,...) and graphic modification.

We will gladly provide any further specific information you require. Please contact us by e-mail or by telephone.

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You will find us a reliable partner for long term cooperation. Personal approach and willingness to meet your needs is a must for us. With creativity and expertise of our graphic designers will really look like your prints as they should. Moreover, modern and productive printing solutions will allow affordability of the optimum value.