We can offer you a full spectrum of services for preparing your printed materials, from typography, through pre-press preparation, to final printing.
If the supplied document is provided in electronic format, we use the original layout (e.g. the Czech version of manuals appears as nearly identical as possible to the original language documentation). If the document is provided in printed format, we provide a full typography or if need be, a graphics scheme. Emphasis is placed on quality, accuracy and processing speed.

GraphicWe do accept orders by e-mail. Larger data volumes can be uploaded to our FTP server. Access to this server is also available on our company's website using an HTTP client. Data provided on ZIP, CD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW drives can be picked up by us at your office.

Our company operates via several interconnected DTP work-places that are able to process materials in both Mac and PC formats. We also provide conversions between formats. We process data in all common graphic software programs, such as PageMaker, InDesign, Adobe FrameMaker, QuarkXPress, CorelDraw, Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, etc. Imports are available for open documents in Semantic Web (SW) programs and individual texts created in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, as well as PDF (Adobe Acrobat).
If the customer does not have pictures in electronic format, we are capable of providing either high-resolution flat-bed or drum scans.
The output format is submitted into PDF format for revision. After completing revisions, we carry out pre-press preparation.
All orders are backed-up for eventual future use or alterations.

We will gladly provide any further specific information you require. Please contact us by e-mail or by telephone.

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You will find us a reliable partner for long term cooperation. Personal approach and willingness to meet your needs is a must for us. With creativity and expertise of our graphic designers will really look like your prints as they should. Moreover, modern and productive printing solutions will allow affordability of the optimum value.