Printing | Pre-press

We can meet all of your printing needs, ranging from minimal-cost orders to computer to plate (CTP) as well as rotary offset printing of arbitrary format, which include both black and white as well as coloured (CMYK) materials.

Printing | Pre-pressWe focus on printing instruction manuals, service manuals, brochures, catalogues, technical documentation, commercial leaflets, covers, books, stationery and magazines.
We are fully able to help you, whether you want produce single-coloured brochures, luxury catalogues or thousands of pamphlets and leaflets. 

Exposure, CTP, imposition proofing on matte film.
We ensure fast, quality, and inexpensive film exposure, or direct transfer of the film image to the printing plate. This technology can reduce the costs.
For low-end, low cost orders such as black and white leaflets, books, etc., we offer the simpler alternative of printing proofs on matte paper (double matte film). This technology is uncomplicated and significantly less expensive than exposure on film. 

Offset printing

Rotary, four-colour printing, sizes A1 - A4/ 4 colours, rotary two-tone printing, size A2 /2 two-tone - Heidelberg and ZIRCON machines, sheet-fed offset, sizes B1, A2, A3 - as high as five-colour printing.
Keeping in mind cost, we always choose a printing technology that provides the customer the most economical solution for the required level of print quality. Modern technology allows for faster and more affordable printing, even for low-end orders.

Post-press finishing of the printed material: ink curing or UV curing/coating (glossy/matte) - complete or partial, glossy/matte lamination


Book production - binding V1 - sewn (case bound) V2 - glued V4, V8 - historic comb/spiral/coil binding, wire-O binding 
Collating, folding, perforating

Cling film or paper wrapping

We deliver the order to the address indicated (for the C.R., free delivery in the region of Prague and near vicinity). Depending on shipping address, deadline, and printing volume, we deliver the order either through our own carrier or in co-operation with delivery and logistic firms both domestically and abroad (PPL, EMS, DHL, UPS, FedEx).

Try it with us

You will find us a reliable partner for long term cooperation. Personal approach and willingness to meet your needs is a must for us. With creativity and expertise of our graphic designers will really look like your prints as they should. Moreover, modern and productive printing solutions will allow affordability of the optimum value.